Yvonne Jabs

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Have you ever felt unrewarded when organizing a reunion in a WhatsApp group chat? You have to look for a suitable place, best located for all group members and then decide all together for one option. Usually a very time consuming process 😒

Imagine all this happening with just a…

Iya Akasheva

UX Designer

Project length:
10 days

Omio (former goeuro) simplifys your travel planning process to save you time and money. They are focusing on ground transportation but also offer flight tickets. …

Team: Martina Takacs, Iya Akasheva & Diana Salameh

UX/UI Designer

Project length:
4 days

Since the 70s, museums and other public institutions have been suffering a profound crisis. In the heart of this kind of institutions, there’s the mission of making heritage accessible for all. …

For people following a vegan or vegetarian diet it is essential to make sure they get all the nutrients they need. Some trace elements such as B12 are hardly to find in plant- based food. A yearly blood analysis is recommended for everyone eating strictly or mostly vegan. But what…

After getting to know the basic of UX Design it is time to put those theories into practical work.

Traveling from A to B in a city can be challenging. Launched in 2011, Citymapper was supposed to make its’ users life easier when it comes to traveling through the city…

This challenge is about a usability evaluation of three travel apps and to propose changes in form of a redesign in order to achieve a better user experience.

The case study starts with choosing one of the seven wonders of the new millennium. I choose the Colosseum in Rome as…

The task: Create a wireframe version of the user flow of a chosen app based on screenshots or high-fidelity prototype screens of that app. The final product should be a simple 5 screens’ interactive prototype built in the tool of choice. The layout of the screens should be the same…

Yvonne Jabs

UX / UI Designer

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