Ironhack Challenge 2:‘Reverse engineer’ Wireframe

The task: Create a wireframe version of the user flow of a chosen app based on screenshots or high-fidelity prototype screens of that app. The final product should be a simple 5 screens’ interactive prototype built in the tool of choice. The layout of the screens should be the same as the one implemented in the real app.You should simplify the design to its bare wireframe state, placing boxes and placeholders when needed to signify different UI elements. The look and feel should be strictly black and white, we don’t want to over-complicate wireframing by adding shades of grey and color.

I decided for “A Color Story”, a foto editing app. The reason for choosing this app is that I am very familiar with it as I have already chosen it for the “Figma practice”- Exercise. Also I thought that the difficulty level for me as a total wireframing beginner is just right.

Please check out my animated prototype here.

I enjoyed this challenge and managed to find a balance between finishing in a short time and deepening my Figma skills through watching tutorials/reading articles.

UX / UI Designer